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GECCO 2015

Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

11-15 July 2015

Madrid, Spain



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April 3, 2015


Notification of acceptance:

April 20, 2015


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May 4, 2015



12 July 2015

MedGEC 2015

11th GECCO Workshop on Medical Applications of Genetic and Evolutionary Computation

Sunday 12th July 2015, Madrid, Spain


Welcome to MedGEC 2015


MedGEC is the GECCO Workshop on the application of genetic and evolutionary computation (GEC) to problems in medicine and healthcare.


Subject areas


Subjects will include (but are not limited to) applications of GEC to:

    Medical imaging
    Medical signal processing
    Medical text analysis
    Clinical diagnosis and therapy
    Data mining medical data and records
    Clinical expert systems
    Modelling and simulation of medical processes
    Drug description analysis
    Genomic-based clinical studies
    Patient-centric care


A dedicated workshop at GECCO provides a much needed focus for medical related applications of EC, not only providing a clear definition of the state of the art, but also support to practitioners for whom GEC might not be their main area of expertise or experience.

The Workshop has two main aims:

(i) to provide delegates with examples of the current state of the art of applications of GEC to medicine.

(ii) to provide a forum in which researchers can discuss and exchange ideas, support and advise each other in theory and practice.


GECCO is widely regarded to be the most authoritative conference in GEC and, as such, offers the ideal venue for this important and growing community.

Accepted Workshop papers will be published in the GECCO 2015 Companion Material, included with the proceedings on a CD, and also in the ACM Digital Library.