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ASIC Martin Albrecht Trefzer
Acoustic Environments Damian Murphy
Acoustic Modelling Damian Murphy, Anthony Tew
Admin responsibilites for 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students amd taught MSc in Engineering Management and Autonomous Robotics Engineering. Katie Johnson
Analogue and Digital Design Dave Pearce
Antennas John Dawson, Linda Dawson, Andy Marvin, Stuart Porter
Artificial Immune Systems Jon Timmis, Andy Tyrrell
Artificial chemistries Edward Clark
Atomic Force Microscopy Katherine Dunn
Audio engineering John Emery
Avionics Tim Clarke, Andrew Pomfret
Binaural Audio Anthony Tew
Bio-Inspired Computing Tim Clarke, Gianluca Tempesti, Andy Tyrrell
Bioacoustics David Chesmore
Biodiversity Assessment David Chesmore
Bioelectromagnetics Ian Flintoft, Martin Robinson
Biomedical Engineering Adar Pelah
Biomedical Image Analysis Stephen Smith
Biomolecular Electronics Steven Johnson
Biophysics Katherine Dunn
Cartesian Genetic Programming Janet Clegg
Cognitive Networking Tim Clarke, David Grace, Andrew Pomfret
Cognitive Radio David Grace, Paul Mitchell
Collective Robotics Edward Clark
Computational Electromagnetics John Dawson, Ian Flintoft, Stuart Porter
Computational Immunology Jon Timmis
Control Engineering Tim Clarke, Andrew Pomfret
Currently looking after the Foundation year in Electronics and the new MSc in Audio and Music Technology Trudy Hilary
choral singing practices Helena Daffern
cognitive radio networks Kanapathippillai Cumanan
convex optimization Kanapathippillai Cumanan
DNA Nanotechnology Katherine Dunn
Electromagnetic Compatibility John Dawson, Linda Dawson, Ian Flintoft, Andy Marvin, Stuart Porter, Martin Robinson
Electromagnetics Simon Bale, John Dawson, Ian Flintoft, Andy Marvin, Stuart Porter
Electron Microscopy Mohamed El-Gomati, Yongbing Xu
Electron Optics Mohamed El-Gomati
Electron Spectroscopy Mohamed El-Gomati
Emergent Behaviour Edward Clark
Engineering Design Process Tony Ward
Engineering Education Tony Ward
Engineering Management Bidyut Baruah, Tony Ward
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Tony Ward
Evolutionary Algorithms Simon Bale, Tim Clarke, Janet Clegg, Julian Miller, Stuart Porter, Stephen Smith, Andy Tyrrell
Evolutionary Computation Martin Albrecht Trefzer
Evolutionary Computing Andy Tyrrell
Evolutionary Hardware Martin Albrecht Trefzer
Examination and assessment support Rhian Scott
evolvable hardware Julian Miller
FPGA Martin Albrecht Trefzer
Fault-Tolerant Design Tim Clarke, Gianluca Tempesti, Andy Tyrrell
Fault-Tolerant Swarm Robotic Systems. Jon Timmis
Field Emission Mohamed El-Gomati
Flight Control Tim Clarke, Andrew Pomfret
General Office Administration Keith Gibson
Graphic Design and Print Production Owen Francis
genetic programming Julian Miller
Health Effects of Electronic Equipment Linda Dawson, Stuart Porter
High Altitude Platform Systems David Grace, Tim Tozer
Human Computer Interfaces Andy Hunt
Human Vision & Locomotion Adar Pelah
history of the singing voice Helena Daffern
Image Processing John Robinson
Instrumentation (Environmental) David Chesmore
Intelligent Medical Devices Stephen Smith
Internet Protocols Dave Pearce
Iterative Techniques Alister Burr
Laboratory Teaching Dave Pearce
Lithography Mohamed El-Gomati
Low Noise Oscillators Jeremy Everard
MIMO Systems Alister Burr, Rodrigo de Lamare
Medical Diagnostics & Rehabilitation Technology Adar Pelah
Medium Access Control Paul Mitchell
Microprocessor Design Andy Tyrrell
Military Communications Tim Tozer
Mobile Communication Systems Paul Mitchell
Modulation and Coding Alister Burr, Rodrigo de Lamare
Molecular Machines Katherine Dunn
Molecular Self-Assembly Steven Johnson
Multi-Agent Systems Tim Clarke, Andrew Pomfret
Multimedia and Web Development Owen Francis
Music Performance Analysis Jude  Brereton
Music Synthesis Damian Murphy
Music Technology John Emery
Music and Disability Andy Hunt
Nanofabrication Steven Johnson
Nanotechnology Mohamed El-Gomati, Atsufumi Hirohata
Nanotechnology Yongbing Xu
Neural Networks David Halliday
Optoelectronics Eugene Avrutin, Jeremy Everard
Oscillators Simon Bale
Pattern Analysis John Robinson
Pedagogy in Higher Education Dave Pearce
Photonics Eugene Avrutin
Physical Layer Network Coding Alister Burr
Physical layer security Kanapathippillai Cumanan
pipe organ David M Howard
psychoacoustics David M Howard
Qualitative Research Bidyut Baruah
Queuing Theory Paul Mitchell
RFID Stuart Porter
Radar Tim Clarke
Radio Frequency Engineering Simon Bale, Jeremy Everard, Ruwan Naminda Gajaweera, Andy Marvin, Stuart Porter
Radio Resource Management David Grace
Radio waves and Microwaves applied to Medicine Martin Robinson
Reconfigurable Systems Gianluca Tempesti, Andy Tyrrell
Reinforcement Learning YI CHU
Rich Media Technologies for Museums Stephen Smith
Routing Paul Mitchell
relay networks Kanapathippillai Cumanan
Satellite Communication Paul Mitchell
Satellite Communications Tim Tozer
Shielding & Screening Martin Robinson
Signal Processing: Audio David Chesmore, Andy Hunt, John Szymanski, Anthony Tew, Yuriy Zakharov
Signal Processing: Communications Yuriy Zakharov, Rodrigo de Lamare
Signal Processing: Image David Chesmore, John Szymanski
Singing voice analysis Helena Daffern
Solid State Physics Katherine Dunn
Sonification Andy Hunt
Spatial Audio Jude  Brereton, Damian Murphy, Anthony Tew
Speech Processing Rodrigo de Lamare
Spintronics Atsufumi Hirohata, Yongbing Xu
Stereo Displays (3D) Adar Pelah
Surface Analysis Mohamed El-Gomati
singing analysis David M Howard
singing health Helena Daffern
singing performance Helena Daffern
speech Synthesis David M Howard, Damian Murphy
Terahertz Spectroscopy Katherine Dunn
Traffic Modelling Paul Mitchell
tuning in unaccompanied singing David M Howard
Underwater Acoustic Systems Yuriy Zakharov
Video and Audio Support Owen Francis
Virtual Acoustics Jude  Brereton
Virtual Reality & Motion Capture Adar Pelah
Voice Analysis and Synthesis Jude  Brereton
vocal pedagogy Helena Daffern
voice production David M Howard
voice source analysis Helena Daffern
voice synthesis Helena Daffern
Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks David Grace
Wireless Communications Paul Mitchell, Mehdi Mortazawi Molu(M. Molu)
Wireless Sensor Networks YI CHU
Wireless Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks Paul Mitchell
Wireless Systems Alister Burr, David Grace, Dave Pearce, Tim Tozer, Yuriy Zakharov, Rodrigo de Lamare
X-ray Electron Microprobes Mohamed El-Gomati

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